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Vegetable and Fruit Sauce Semi - Sweet

Vegetable & fruit sauce will give to your food a strong spicy and fruity flavour.

€5.29 300ml out of stock

Vegetable and Fruit Sauce Semi - Sweet


Cooking Sauce Morita Ryorishu

Mirin is a sweet rice wine you can use for many Japanese dishes from dipping sauces to sushi rice. It is made for cooking, not for drinking.

€5.49 500ml out of stock

Cooking Sauce Morita Ryorishu

Sweet Chilli Sauce for Chicken

Sweet chilli sauce is sauce ideal for cooking the chicken as well as seafood or vegetable dishes. It can be used as a dipping sauce for sprink rolls that greats amazing combination.

Average Cost

€  3.99


800 g


in stock


chilli, sweet


sugar, water, 16% red chilli, garlic, salt, modified starch, acetic acid E260